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Holy Sock Gang is a large hip-hop collective based out of Vancouver, consisting of an ever expanding community of Rappers, Singers, Producers, DJs, Engineers, Videographers, Photographers, Managers, Event Promoters, etc. It is the Socks philosophy that individuals only be listed in a project by project effort, as there is no official list of members. 

The name 'Holy Sock Gang' represents the groups humility, work ethic and universality. As stated in the sample that opens the crews debut release 'Holy,Holy', "no matter who you are, you have holes in your socks". You can expect to see HSG active online, but also and more importantly, within the community, as an active and tangible entity, working to build the scene within the city.

The collective itself has been working together for years now, collaborating in various capacities, and the beginning of 2018 has become the launch pad for what emerged as this new formation "Holy Sock Gang". HSG began the year by releasing 'Holy, Holy' a loosey serving as the crews introductory song, and followed it with the Gang's debut video "Stay Woke". Produced by DJ Billy Bishop and shot by Jesse Hood, 'Stay Woke' was released on Feb. 1st and is the first single off the coming Holy Sock Gang mixtape, due to drop this summer. 

2018 is the year of the Holy Sock, and these first 2 releases were only the beginning of what will be a year packed with various releases from the crew, as a collective and as individuals. Expect singles, videos, albums, shows and much more from the squad throughout the year.